Advertisers’ Pricing for Sidebar and Posts

Advertisers’ Pricing too interested eventual companies: We have several ad prices on this website. Those vary depending on placement inside the website.

Advertisers' Pricing for Sidebar and Posts

All website-view charges are monthly recurring. Every 3 months the number of pageviews will re-established for the advertiser based on Google Analytics Pageviews for the WEBSITE.


Advertisers’ Pricing: Ads on Sidebar

All paid ads on the sidebar are 125 x 125 and will cost ass follows:

  1. Position 1 = $0.15/website-view
  2. Position 2 = $0.12/website-view
  3. Position 3 = $0.10/website-view
  4. Position 4 = $0.08/website-view
  5. Position 5 = $0.08/website-view
  6. Position 6 = $0.06/website-view
  7. Position 7 = $0.06/website-view
  8. Position 8 = $0.04/website-view
  9. Position 9 = $0.03/website-view
  10. Position 10 = $0.03/website-view


Advertisers’ Pricing: Ads on Posts

Posts about your business, or product:

If your ad should be placed on a post about your company, or product the price is


Your team must provide all text and pictures for that post. All material should be approved and posted by our staff and will be checked for plagiarism, meaning that we will try to correct it to avoid any search engine harm. A fee of $100,00 will be charged.

If you want us to create that post for you, it’s fine. You will still need to provide all pictures and general text idea guidelines for the post. After your approval, there will be a charge will be $300,00 and the post will be published.

We are the sole final curators of all posts’ opinions and texts. Posts and articles will range from 300 to 600 words depending on mutual convenience.

Random Posts

You may also want to place your ad on a chosen random post, or page. The price for that is


No extra charges, but we reserve the right to move your ad from one post to another at our convenience to a post or article that will expose your ad at least the same way as before.

This option is like this because brand owners have a priority of choice when their name coincides with the articles’ topic. For example: 

For example: 

Shell wants to place their ad on a post about Shell that we already had. 

If by any chance, you are not satisfied with that arrangement, we will pay you $10.00 and you will be free to choose to continue with us in another mode or leave. No hard feelings.


Currency is in US dollars.

Other arrangements can be discussed.

Please send us a comment about Advertisers’ Pricing, or if you are interested in discussing an Ad Placement Plan.

Thank you. We hope to read from you soon.