Conan Doyle: The Problem of Thor Bridge Summary

Conan Doyle: The Problem of Thor Bridge Summary: Another great book about murder and mystery by the genius that created detective stories.

Excellent plot, I recommend this book to adults, teenagers, and mature kids that appreciate a well-written mystery short story.

A learned about this author after watching a Holmes movie at age 8 or 9 with my grandfather. He explained the importance of the writer in our culture. Conan Doyle is a must-read for everyone, even, if only, as a cultural asset.

The Problem of Thor Bridge

The Problem of Thor Bridge Summary – Book

This work is a Sherlock Holmes book of crime and enigma written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle as depicted in Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes in Strand Magazine, 1922.

The Problem of Thor Bridge Summary – Author

Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle was a British writer, best known for creating Sherlock Holmes (read mini-bio).

The Problem of Thor Bridge Summary – Book Review

Neil Gibson, former Senator and known as “Gold King”, requests Holmes to investigate his wife’s killing to clear his children’s tutor, Grace Dunbar, of being accused.

Sherlock finds out that Mr. Gibson’s marriage was an unhappy relationship and that he mistreated his wife, with which he had nothing in common

Attracted to Miss Dunbar and not being able to marry her, he had ventured into trying and please her with benevolent gestures towards helping less fortunate people.

Holmes would never let discrepancies pass unnoticed:

What was that strange chip found there? Why did Mrs. Gibson clutch an incriminating note just as she was dying? What about finding a matching pistol?

Holmes uses his deductive skills to investigate and try to solve this crime. As if he were a playwright, Sherlock stages a logical murder sequence of events and reconstructs all events, using Watson’s revolver and bringing up conclusions that only he could come up with.

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The Problem of Thor Bridge, Summary Book Cover The Problem of Thor Bridge, Summary
Short Stories
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Investigation | Mystery
first released in the 19th century
paperpack, kindle, audio
Great for all ages, as long as the person can understand the investigation. I`d say mature kids and up as a suggestion.

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