E. B. White’s Charlotte’s Web book review

E. B. White’s Charlotte’s Web book review: This a classic children’s book in English Literature.  A must-read for all fresh young minds.

charlottes web book review

The Book

Wilbur, the pig, is scared because it is the end of the season and he knows his fate is the dinner table as the main course.

A gentle and wise gray spider, Charlotte, with a flair for marketing pledges to save him from being slaughtered for dinner.

She develops a plan to save the little pig.

Along the way, they have some wacky adventures and make some new friends. Everything grows into becoming a wonderful children’s tale.


The Author

Born in Mount Vernon, New York, where he attended public schools, E. B. White graduated from Cornell University in 1921. After some years, he joined the staff of, then an infant, The New Yorker magazine as a writer and essayist. In 1938 Mr. White moved to a country farm in Maine, where animals inspired his stories and books.

White received many honors, awards, and commendations during his career as a writer and died in 1985.


Being such a classic and important book, a “Charlotte’s Web” book review would never be complete without a story structure analysis. At least a simple one.


The Story

Act 1

Wilbur was born with a terrible fate: to be sacrificed and become bacon. Eight-year-old, Fern Arable, convinces her daddy, the farmer, to let her keep the pig as a pet.E. B. White


Wilbur gets too big, and she has to sell him to Uncle Homer, whose farm is full of good friends. The best one being the gray spider, Charlotte.



One day Wilbur learns that eventually, bacon will again be his future.


Act 2

Charlotte comes to the rescue with a plan to save Wilbur’s life.


Act 3

She tries to convince people that Wilbur is a special pig.




Wilbur wins a special prize at the county fair, becomes a star and is safe for good.

Tragically, Charlotte is old and dying. Spiders don’t last long. She’s produced a sac of 514 eggs that Wilbur, in retribution, is going to save by taking them to the farm, while Charlotte dies alone at the fairgrounds.

Act 4

When spring comes, Wilbur has lots of new spider friends that will keep leaving new egg, and he will never be lonely again.



Charlotte’s Web Book Review


Charlotte’s Web is a great engaging book. Told in the third person, the story takes us to a time when life was simpler. The domestic family environment takes us back to a time before progress made our lives unstoppable.

The author takes us to a farm full of wonder for every age.

I read it first as a pre-teen while attending the São Paulo Graded School and was moved by it. This book is for those who love life and the simple things it can present to you.

Beautiful black and white illustrations enhance the storytelling, but I would prefer color. Maybe I will create some digital paintings inspired by this wonderful tale.

This a fun book to read that keeps us alert all the time, craving for the next page turn.


I suggest that parents encourage their kids to read such classics as this one. No one should grow up without them.


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Charlotte's Web
E. B. White
Fiction | Classic | Children
Early edition (April 10, 2012)
kindle, hardcore, paperback, audible. audio cd, mass market paperback
Garth Williams (Illustrator)
8 - 12 years
3 - 7

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