Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is the mid-point complex book of the saga. Readers and the kids have come to age. Check it out!Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix


The novels are coming of age along with the characters and the target readers.

Teenage years can be pretty tough and frustrating, somewhat self-centered, and hard to be around.

In Book 5, Harry Potter has all teenage years features.

Our hero spends a lot of time hurting his closest friends, flaring up at imagined offenses, and being brooding and emotional.


J. K. Rowling (read mini-bio), understanding that her readers have grown up to the mid-teenage years, brings us an even darker and complex plot.


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Joann “Kathleen” Rowling is a successful British writer, famous for the Harry Potter book and film sagas. (read mini-bio)

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Book Cover Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Harru Potter Saga, book 5
J. K. Rowling
children, teenagers, fantasy
Arthur A. Levine Books; 1st edition
July 1, 2003
hardcover, paperback, audible
Mary GrandPré (Illustrator)
11 and up

Act 1

In the suburbs, stuck in another summer, isolated and resentful, Harry seems dug in fury all the time.



Two Dementors, terrifying magical guards from Azkaban, show up and attack Harry and Dudley.


Even against all rules, Harry casts a Patronus charm to repel the monsters.



Act 2

The Ministry of Magic schedules a hearing to judge Harry for casting a spell as an underage wizard in a non-wizarding area.

Members of the restored Order of the Phoenix turn up to take Harry to their headquarters.

The Order of the Phoenix is a group of wizards that fought against Voldemort during the first war. They have reassembled thanks to Harry's discovery (book 4) that Voldemort is rising again.

They bring Harry to Number Twelve, Grimmauld Place, where he meets his friends Ron and Hermione, and also his godfather, Sirius Black.
Sirius, a wrongly convicted murderer, hides in his secret house, which he has provided to serve as the Order's headquarters.

Even though Harry has faced Voldemort four times and survived, the Order wants to protect him.


Thanks to the testimony of Mrs. Figg, Harry can prove his innocence with the aid of Professor Dumbledore. Nevertheless, Harry is angry that Dumbledore seems to be ignoring him.

The hearing was a scheme to kick Harry out of school. The Minister for Magic, Fudge, wants to discredit Harry and Dumbledore. He refuses to accept that Voldemort has come back and starts interfering in Hogwarts,

Fudge sends Dolores Umbridge, to Hogwarts as Defense Against the Dark Arts instructor and to pull strings in his favor.

She is spying on Harry and Dumbledore, whom Fudge assumes is trying to steal his post.

Professor Umbridge is an ambitious bureaucrat monster who tightens controls on every aspect of Hogwarts, especially Harry.

She forbids students gatherings and appoints the worst bullies, including Draco Malfoy, to an Inquisitorial Squad.

Breaking the rules, Hermione conceives Dumbledore's Army, a group to learn magical defense taught by Harry Potter.

Upon all bad things, Harry's been still having terrible nightmares in which he seems to be looking through the eyes of Voldemort.

Harry sees Voldemort's serpent attacking Mr. Weasley in the basement of the Department of Mysteries and informs Dumbledore.

Professor Dumbledore tells Harry to start studying Occlumency to protect his mind from scannings. The teacher is Professor Snape of course – Harry's most hated teacher.

One day, Harry sees Professor Snape's worst memory and starts to doubt all his heroes and idols.

Umbridge and Fudge find out about the D.A. meetings and try to arrest Professor Dumbledore, who flees from Hogwarts.



In another nightmare, Harry sees Voldemort torturing Sirius.

Umbridge attempts to stop them and finish with Harry, but Hermione lures her into the Black Forest where the centaurs end up helping them.



Act 3


He and friends rush to the Department of Secrets but find no Sirius. Voldemort had been manipulating his dreams to lure Harry into finding a prophecy for him.

After finding it, Harry, and his friends run into an ambush by the Death Eaters.





Sirius Black and the Order ride to the rescue. Sirius is killed recklessly trying to save Harry.

Professor Dumbledore and Voldemort arrive roughly at the same time. The two engage in a combat that ends up revealing Voldemort to Cornelius Fudge and some Ministry officials. Voldemort flees.



Act 4


Restored as Headmaster, Professor Dumbledore explains that he was trying to protect Harry and Sirius by leaving them away from the conflicts.

The prophecy had been created the same year that Harry was born. When Voldemort attacked baby Harry, he turned Harry into the boy of prophecy, with powers the Dark Lord doesn't have but wants to steal.

Now Harry knows why Voldemort has been coming after him, and it's Harry's fate to keep facing Voldemort until one of them is dead.

All new findings show that Harry and his friends have to start acting like adults to meet the challenges that are coming their way.



Archetype Distribution


Main Character = Harry Potter

Impact Character = Umbridge, Snape, Dumbledore, Hermione


Protagonist seems to be split between two characters by function:

Pursue function = Voldemort

Evaluate function = Harry Potter


Antagonist seems to be split in a similar matter:

Avoidance function = Harry Potter

Reevaluate function = Voldemort


Guardian = Sirius Black, Hermione

Contagonist = Ministry Inquisition


Sidekick = Ron and the Weasleys, Luna, Neville

Skeptic = Fudge, and all that don't believe Harry.


Emotion = Harry, Sirius, Cho

Reason = Hermione, the Order



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