Fodor Switzerland Full-Color Travel Guide

Fodor Switzerland Full-Color Travel Guide

Fodor Switzerland Full-Color Travel GuidePlanning a trip to Switzerland? This Fodor’s guide is a must for you. Discover the secrets to one of the most beautiful regions in the world. Check it out!


The Authors

Kati Clinton Robson followed the Von Trapp family’s example and journeyed across the Alps in search of a new life in Zürich.

After a period of extensive European travel, Kati has spent the previous six years as the editor of Swiss News, a national news magazine for English speakers.
When she is not hiking, exploring remote valleys, or indulging in Swiss cheese, she can be found introducing her husband to the pantheon of classic Hollywood cinema.

Other writers are Katrin Gygax, Gail Mangold-Vine, Alexis Munier, Tim Neville, Heidi Hagemeier and Kerrin Rousset.


Fodor Travel Guides never disappoint, and this one, in particular, is no exception.

The writers and the editor did a superb job putting together this fantastic guide, with a full description of places, which fulfills all our demands for information about what entertainment and attractions in Switzerland, and what’s required to enjoy it.

I visited that region some years ago. Looking at this guide made me want to come back and revisit many places, as well as visit new ones.

The illustrated Fodor Switzerland guide is full of beautiful photos and maps, and they go deep into details on every attraction that you can find in that country, covering even Liechtenstein (as a bonus).
Among many remembrances I had from my trip, one most treasured was when I visited Geneva, and memories came back to, revived through photos and precise descriptions of places.
They propose a sample itinerary for a 10-day trip that covers the most important locations in that whole country (Zürich, Luzern, Zermatt, Geneva and Lauterbrunnen), besides giving you a high-level picture of the history of each place. Suggested attractions to visit have a reference price and hours of operation. Other itineraries proposed are a Swiss Gastronomy (9-days) and a Castles & Cathedrals (8-days) itineraries.
Finally, the “Where to Eat”, “Where to Stay” and “Nightlife” sections of the guide are a tremendous help when you are planning your trip.

This Fodor Guide is an outstanding result for a combined effort from seven different writers
The book is great those who are serious about planning their travels. If you are traveling for the first time, want to remember details of previous trips, or wish for a return to Switzerland, take a shot at this excellent publication. was provided the book through their Vine Program. They did not request a positive review, and the opinions expressed here are my own.


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This guide is mostly interesting for adults.

Fodor Switzerland Full-Color Travel Guide
Kati Clinton Robson
Fodor's Travel, a division of Random House Inc
May 2011
"Switzerland" a Fodor's Travel Guide
Katrin Gygax, Gail Mangold-Vine, Alexis Munier, Tim Neville, Heidi Hagemeier and Kerrin Rousset.

Make your journey to Switzerland memorable with full-color illustrated hallmarks, maps, and pictures.

Customize your excursion with simple preparation tools
Top experiences and attractions | Practical advice | Easy color maps

Explore Zürich, the Alps, Lake Geneva, and beyond

Best picks for hotels, restaurants, sights, and more.

  • “Word of Mouth” tips from fellow Fodor’s travelers
  • Illustrated features on scenic trains and drives
  • The Jungfrau region
  • Winter activities
  • Lavaux's vineyards
  • Best hiking
  • Shopping
  • Mountain villages.

Opinions from destination experts; Switzerland-based writers from Fodor’s reveal their favorite local retreats.


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4 thoughts on “Fodor Switzerland Full-Color Travel Guide

  • 2016-06-23 at 10:09 pm

    I have always wanted to travel to Switzerland. I have never been outside of the United States and I always wanted to travel through Europe and Switzerland is near the top of that list. This full color travel guide seems to be a great resource for anyone looking to travel to Switzerland.

    • 2016-06-24 at 9:11 am

      Hello, Kevin,

      Thank you for sharing your desires and opinion. I’m sure you will be able to travel to Europe sooner than you expect. Fodor’s guides are always great for that.


  • 2016-07-20 at 11:04 am

    I’ve always wanted to travel more, and one day that’s “gonna” happen.

    When I do, I will most certainly pick up a copy of Fodor’s. I have known about them for a long long time (about 40 yrs. it seems).

    They’re simply the best travel books I’ve come across ever and highly recommend them; and I’m sure the Switzerland book is no different.

    • 2016-07-24 at 7:18 am

      Hello, Joanne,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.



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