Fodor’s Essential India travel guide

Planning a trip? This Fodor’s Essential India travel guide is for you. Discover the secrets of a most spiritual region on the planet. Take a look!Fodor's Essential India travel guide


About the Book
Make use of simple planning tools to customize your trip. The authors provide convenient overviews of all regions and their highlights.

If you need ideas for making the most of your time, practical advice will get your party around.

Easy-to-read color maps of regions, their cities, and neighborhoods will make explore places like Delhi, Mumbai, the Taj Mahal, and beyond, a breeze.

The guide provides discerning picks for hotels, restaurants, sights, and more.

Get “Word of Mouth” tips from fellow Fodor’s travelers and follow depicted features on the Taj Mahal, exploring Varanasi, and getting around India.

Find the best side trip excursions, the best holy sites to visit, and the best markets for shopping and bargaining.
Opinions from destination experts.

Fodor’s India-based writers reveal their favorite local haunts

The guide is frequently updated to provide the latest information.

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Fodor's Essential India: with Delhi, Rajasthan, Mumbai & Kerala
Fodor's Travel Guides
Vidya Balachander
travel guide
Fodor's Travel, a division of Random House Inc
April 14, 2015
paperback, kindle
Margot Bigg, Tanvi Chheda, Neil Munshi, Ambika Muttoo, John Rambow, Mrinalini Reddy and Sonal Shah

Highlights of unforgettable India's best by Fodor's correspondents:
Delhi's bustling markets
Taj Mahal
beaches of Goa and Kerala
Experts ensure the most of your time
ancient temples
Great Shopping possibilities

PERFECT HOTELS for everyone


About the Authors

Vidya Balachander has lived in many cities throughout India, including Chennai and Bangalore, but Mumbai is her haven away from home.

Her first job was working in Mumbai for the television channel CNBC-TV 18 and since then, she has been a reporter for Time Out and the Hindustan Times.

Vidya wrote several of the features in the "Experience" chapter for this edition of Fodor's Essential India.
Other writers are Margot Bigg, Tanvi Chheda, Neil Munshi, Ambika Muttoo, John Rambow, Mrinalini Reddy and Sonal Shah.



Fodor's Travel Guides never disappoint and this one, in particular, is no exception. The writers and the editor did a superb job putting together this fantastic guide, with full descriptions of places, to satisfy all your demands for information on how to fully explore India at its best.

I have never been in that region and looking at this guide made me want to go and visit many places. This guide goes deep into details on every attraction that you can find in that country.

They propose the golden triangle itinerary for an 11-day trip that covers the most important places in Delhi, Jaipur, Agra (The Taj Mahal) and Fatehpur Sikri, besides giving you high-level explanations of the history of each place.

Suggested attractions to visit have a reference price and hours of operation. Other add-ons proposed are Mumbai and Goa from Delhi, and Varanasi and Khajuraho, also from Delhi.

Finally, the "Where to Eat", "Where to Stay", "Shopping", and "Nightlife" sections of the guide are a tremendous help when you are planning your trip.

This travel guide of India is an outstanding result from a combined effort of eight different writers.
Fodor's Travel, a division of Random House Inc, published the book on April 14, 2015.

If you are serious about trip planning, don't miss this guide; It is also a great read for those who want to remember details of previous travels, dreaming of a possible future return to India. kindly provided this book for an uncompromised review through their Vine Program. Opinions expressed here are my own.


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