Fodor’s Venice and Northern Italy travel guide

Fodor’s Venice and northern Italy travel guide will escort you through discovering one of the jewel trip destinies in the world. Read on!

Fodor's Venice and Northern Italy travel guide

the Book

Full-color guide

Plan you trip to unforgettable North Italy with illustrated features, 40 maps, and 200 color pictures.

Customize your excursion with simple planning tools • Top experiences & attractions • Practical advice for getting around • Seamless color local maps.


  • Venice, Lake District, Riviera, and more
  • Discerning choices for hotels, restaurants, sights, and beyond
  • “Word of Mouth” tips from fellow tourists
  • Pictorial features on Venice’s St. Mark’s Basilica, wine in the Piedmont, and the Milan shopping scene
  • Selected Alpine adventures, world-class museums, and out-of-the-way centers.

Appraisal from destination experts

  • Fodor’s Italian writers reveal their favorite local retreats
  • Regularly updated to provide the latest data.
  • cultural relevance
  • entertainment
  • readability
  • Our personal rating

Author and Average Rating

After completing his master’s degree in art history, Peter Blackman, updater of the Piedmont chapter, settled permanently in Italy in 1986. Since then he’s worked as a biking and walking tour guide. When he’s not leading a trip, you’ll find Peter at home in Florence.
Other writers are Bruce Leimsidor, Megan McCaffrey-Guerrera, Nan McElroy and Sara Rosso.

Fodor's Venice & the Best of Northern Italy (Full-color Travel Guide) Book Cover Fodor's Venice & the Best of Northern Italy (Full-color Travel Guide)
Full-color Travel Guide (Book 1)
Peter Blackman for Fodor
Travel Guide
Fodor's Travel Publications Inc. (a division of Random House Inc.)
April 19, 2011
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Bruce Leimsidor, Megan McCaffrey-Guerrera, Nan McElroy and Sara Rosso.


Fodor's Travel Guides never disappoint, and this one, in particular, is no exception.

The writers and the editor did a superb job putting together this fantastic guide, with full descriptions of Northern Italy places, that should fulfill all your needs for information on where to go, what to do, how to do, etc.

I visited that region some years ago and, looking at this guide made me want to come back and revisit many places.

This guide is fully illustrated with stunning photos and maps, which go deep into details on every attraction that you can find in that area.

Among many remembrances I had from my trip, one that I mostly treasure is when I visited Murano and the glass factories over there. Plus, those memories were revived through photos and precise description of places.

They suggest an itinerary for a 10-day trip that includes the most important locations in that whole region, besides giving you a high-level understanding of the history of each place.

Suggested attractions to visit have a reference price and hours of operation.

Ultimately, the 'Where to Eat', 'Where to Stay' and 'Nightlife' sections of the guide are a huge help when you are preparing your excursion.

This book is an outstanding result of a combined work from five different writers.

I suggest this book for those people who are serious about planning their trips. Also to those who want to remember details of past travels while savoring the idea of another trip to Northern Italy.

Amazon was kind to provide me with this book for an uncompromised book review through their Vine Program.


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