The Right Call by Kathy Herman book review

Kathy Herman wrote this Christian mystery book in 2010. It’s the third of a series called Sophie Trace Trilogy. Don’t miss the excitement!The Right Call by Kathy Herman


The Right Call by Kathy Herman

The Author

Suspense novelist Kathy Herman is widely known in the Christian book business, having worked five years on the Christian Booksellers Association (CBA) in Colorado Springs, eleven years at Better Books Christian Center in Tyler, Texas as buyer and manager for the children’s division, and ultimately as administrator of human resources.

After her first book, Tested by Fire, premièred in 2001 as a CBA national success, she’s scored nineteen further titles to her account.

Those include All Things Hidden, The Real Enemy, The Last Word, The Right Call, False Pretenses, Dangerous Mercy, Relentless Pursuit, and Not by Sight.



The story of The Right Call by Kathy Herman develops in a town close to the Great Smoky Mountains named Sophie Trace.

Our protagonist, Ethan Langley, comes back from college to spend the summer vacation with his family and is ready to see where his bond with Vanessa Jessup (daughter of the Chief of Police) might lead somewhere.

But a series of developments will shake his world, and he will face a hard decision. Ethan can either help the authorities supplying information that will assist them in breaking a shooting case but at the expense of endangering the life of his loved ones, or he can choose a path that is also equally dangerous. Will he make the right call?

Although I did not read the first two books of this trilogy, the plot holds pretty well as a stand-alone story. Having liked the author’s style, I am eager to read the first two books of this series.

The Right Call by Kathy Herman runs deep into the problem of addictions, as specified by the argument of the book, a passage from 2 Peter 2:19b: “A man is a slave to whatever has mastered him”.

For this story, some cravings are to gambling, lying, smoking, etc.

This is a very light reading work (it took me around 13 hours to finish it), absorbing and with a great plot. If you appreciate a good suspense, this novel is for you.


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The B&B Media Group was kind enough to send me a copy for reviewing through their blogger book review program.


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