Mind Games by Polly Iyer book review

Mind Games by Polly Iyer book review: A famous and rich psychic with an entertainment show on the circuit and revives a long-forgotten past.
mind games by polly iyer
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The Book

In New Orleans, during the Mardi Gras, psychic entertainer, famous Diana Racine, and a masked Cyrano de Bergerac touch hands. Her spirit flies and enters the icy-cold body of a dead woman immersed in water.

Back to her senses and coughing spits of water, she topples to the floor and hears the masked figure say a riddling and mysterious provocation.
Having been called every cliche in the book, she has been both praised and discredited, either way, with reason.

So, convincing New Orleans police lieutenant, Ernie Lucier, about her vision becomes a bit hard.

The lieutenant starts believing her when she leads him to the woman’s remains in the bayou.

That’s the beginning of a sequence of killings with unexpected developments.

The Author

Polly Iyer writes suspense, mysteries, and thrillers, all with a touch of romance and characters who sometimes cross ethical lines.

The writer grew up on the coast of Massachusetts and attended that state’s College of Art and Design, Boston.

After trailing careers in art, fashion, and business in Italy, Boston, and Atlanta, she relocated to the Piedmont area of South Carolina where she creates ways tp complicate her characters lives.

The Book Review

Mind Games by Polly Iyer has a simple plot and is very well written.

Diana Racine, a psychic, that in the past youth used to help the police solving crimes, is now in the entertainment business.

An intriguing premonition event brings her back to crime solving after her spirit enters the body of a dead victim.

That starts a highly fast paced adventure of kidnapping and rescue.

Emotions boil up with Diana getting involved in a complicated bond with her rescuer that is full of psychological issues going way back to her relationship with her parents.


All in all, Mind Games by Polly Iyer is a very entertaining novel that will keep you busy for a few hours. If you believe in psychics or are inclined to, this novel is a fantastic read for you.
I suggest this book to all readers who like a good paranormal mystery thriller.


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