The Trigger by Hon S Hoh book review

The Trigger by Hon S Hoh book review: A look at the end times from a unique perspective, that of the post-tribulation rapture of the church.

The Trigger by Hon S Hoh book review

The Book

Three people from three continents find their lives joined in a single divine goal: to win the last unreached people-group on earth and guide them in the Second Coming of Christ. They must overcome their task to trigger the return of the Lamb as stated in Matthew 24:14.

A legion of demonic figures stands in their way, planning to avoid their success. Against all the onslaught of cataclysmic events and unprecedented persecution, Pastor Josh must remain stable to carry out this divine mission.

He realizes that no follower will escape the greatest trial history and that only the return of the King can deviate mankind from the evil’s rule.

In a battle between Good and Evil, Lucifer plans his final act of defiance: Global genocide of all Christians. The fate of the earth and Ethernity are at stake.


The Author

Hon S. Hoh is a gifted minister committed to spreading the Word of God.  During Bible college, he began his studies of the Book of Revelation.

A passion for reaching people with the Word enabled the writing of The Trigger by Hon S Hoh. These are the main topics:

  • help for a better understanding of the Book of Revelation
  • inform about the End of Times under a theological interpretation
  • engage in the Great Commission as expressed in Matthew
  • prepare to guard for the unfolding future

Hoh has been a pastor for over ten years, in Australia. He is a graduate in  Psychology from the University of Melbourne, also from the Swinburne Institute of Technology, the Bible College of Victoria, and the Harvest Bible College (M.A. Ministry). Hoh had worked in the field of social welfare before entering pastoral work.


The author, his wife and three children live in Melbourne, Australia.


The Review

I always thought of the Book of Revelation as the most intriguing of all Bible books.

After acknowledging Mr. LaHaye and Mr. Jenkins “Left Behind” series, my conclusion was that rapture before tribulation was an easy escape for Christians and not likely to happen. Indeed, just a wishful thinking feeling.

However, today, after reading The Trigger by Hon S Hoh, I believe that the theological position of Mr. Hoh is more probable.

In his excellent novel, Mr. Hoh describes heaven and hell’s “behind the scenes” action. While our heroes, to fulfill the second coming of Jesus prophecy, spread the Word of God all over the planet, foul play is lurking in the shadows.

With the participation of many characters known to us, like Michael, Gabriel, and Apollyon, you the author presents a very intense novel that keeps us glued to the book until the very last page.

I recommend this to Christian-interested mature kids, teenagers and adults.

The author and publishers were kind enough to send me a copy for an uncompromised book review.


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