A Heart Like His by Beth Moore book review

A Heart Like His by Beth Moore is a book depicting shows how remarkable King David’s devotion helped him solve common and unique troubles.

a heart like his by beth moore

The Book

We all journey through difficult times at least once in our lives. Failure becomes a bitter feeling of no-way-out. A reality that is not exclusive to us and it has happened to a most devoted figure from the Bible.

David’s troubled trajectory from shepherd to king of Israel is an example of the purest virtues and the most heinous sinfulness, but, in the end, shows the growth of his deep relationship and commitment to God.

A Heart Like His by Beth Moore looks at this bond of reciprocal love and admiration from a man, who was not unlike any of us, towards God who is all good and powerful.

Beth Moore walks us through the journey of David’s incredible life, describing spiritual insights from a man who bravely fulfilled his divine fate, not merely by what he did, but for whom he loved and served.

Inspiring yourself with lessons from David to apply in your life, after the man who worshiped and observed God’s will, helps us serve with a heart focused on Him no matter the conditions.


The Author

Wanda Elizabeth “Beth” Moore is a famous American evangelist, author, and teacher. (read mini-bio)


Book Review

David has always been my favorite figure in Bible stories. His simplicity as a young man and shepherd, his purpose as an anointed by God, his complexity as a ruler, and above all, his devotion to God, made him a very extraordinary individual.

A Heart Like His by Beth Moore captures all details of his personality in this excellent and well-written book.

The author’s passion for David is evident through her thorough introductions to all stories.

His Back Story, friendship with Jonathan, his fight for survival from Saul’s persecution; She describes every aspect of his life in passionate and involving detail.

Although his life is full of struggles, he always kept his love for God.

Nine parts for a total of 52 chapters divide the book and introduce a Psalms as themes for each composing David’s story.

In the end, we find some Review Questions so we can reflect on the reading, and, possibly, use in discussion groups.

A great effort to put together strong messages from a great man’s life that could help us ordinary people face the trials of our everyday lives.

I recommend this great reading to adults, teenagers and mature kids looking for a biographical tale about a fascinating character.

The provided me a copy for a uncompromised book review through Shelton Interactive.


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