Before I Go to Sleep by S J Watson book review

Before I Go to Sleep by S J Watson book review: An Amazon Best Book on June 2011, this engaging fiction is an exceptional thriller-novel.
Before I Go to Sleep by S J Watson
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The Book

Every day, due to a mysterious accident,  Christine’s memory is wiped out during the night. She has to rely on her stranger husband to recount their life together day after day.

She starts a journal and, one morning, finds an unexpected and terrifying note.

Now she can’t trust anyone… Not even herself.

Before I Go to Sleep by S J Watson is suspense from the first to the last page, that questions our memory and concepts about identity.


S. J. Watson made gave us a powerful piece with this fantastic mind thriller, in which an amnesiac frantically tries to uncover the mysteries of her past and self.



The Author

S. J. Watson lives in London and worked in the National Health Service for some years. In 2009 Watson was accepted into the first Faber Academy Writing a Novel course, a rigorous and selective program that covers all aspects of the novel-writing process. Before I Go to Sleep is the result.



The Book Review

One of the best recently-written literary thrillers, Before I Go to Sleep by S J Watson deserves to be the blockbusters that it is.


Thoroughly convincing characters in this well-constructed, highly suspenseful, plot lead the reader through the drifting condition of a fascinating neurological state at which a debilitating illness impacts Cristine.

Imagine knowing that every night your memories will be wiped away before you wake up.

That’s Christine’s fate, whose already confused inner world is twisted by a terrifying discovery that triggers a haunting and captivating sequence of events and unwinds a complicated, compellingly and hypnotic story.


Rendered with brilliant narrative and chilling intimacy, this mesmerizing and skillfully written novel, until we can no more, keeps us reading up late trying to find out what will Christine do to reach an outcome no one could ever predict.



This intriguingly fresh look at an amnesia-focused psychological thriller brings us a frenzied and unexpected climax that will haunt readers long after reading its last page, only leaving jangling nerves and jumpy memories.


Recommended for Adults, Teenagers, and Mature Kids.


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