Stephen King Biography online summary

Stephen King Biography online summary: With a keen imagination to the unusual,  this author became famous due to his scary books and movies.

Stephen King Biography online summary

Stephen Edwin King (9/21/1947, Portland, Maine ) is an American bestselling novelist, famous for his work in the fantasy, horror, supernatural, suspense, and science fiction.


Stephen King Biography

Their mother raised King and his brother with considerable financial difficulty. It was during this time, in Maine, that some of his personal experiences began to influence his inclination to literature. For example, An event where he witnessed a friend struck by a train and his readings during that time.

He started writing for fun to his brother’s mimeograph newspaper and, also, won a Scholastic Art and Writing Award for “I Was a Teenage Grave Robber” while still in high school.


After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts diploma, from the University of Maine, he worked as a teacher while starting his writing career, selling shorts to magazines.

In 1971 he married his wife, Tabitha, who was a fellow student from college.  By the time, besides the short stories, he started to work on ideas for novels.


Known to be a prolific and fast writer, Stephen King sold his first novel, Carrie, in 1973 and began a meteoric career that remains notorious until these days.


A drinking problem during the 80’s did not dimish the relevance of this man that is one of the most respected writers in English Literature, a master of the unusual and eery.


A significant portion of his work has been adapted to the screen. King has influenced generations of writers and other artists.


Stephen King Biography online summary’s purpose is to guide you through some suggestions of books from this fantastic writer. These are some of the titles that we like:


11/22/63 Bag of Bones
The Bazaar of Bad Dreams: Stories The Bill Hodges Trilogy
Carrie Christine
Creepshow Cujo
The Dark Tower series The Dead Zone
Doctor Sleep Dreamcatcher
Durma Key The Eyes of the Dragon
Full Dark, No Stars The Green Mile series
It Insomnia
Needful Things Night Shift
The Mist  Misery
On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft
Pet Sematary Revival
The Shining (#1) Doctor Sleep
(The Shining, book #2)
Salem’s Lot The Stand
Under the Dome series The Tommyknockers
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