Carrie by Stephen King book review .

Carrie by Stephen King book review: This modern masterpiece remains one of the most outbreaking, uneasy and shocking novels in literature.

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The Book

Why read Stephen King’s first published novel? The answer is simple: We all like a scary story that works well both on book and screen. The modern classic introduced a distinctive new voice in American fiction and remains one of the most outbreaking and surprising novels of all time.


Offering a warning to bullies, this story of a misfit high-school girl, Carrie White, harassed by cruel teenagers and her religious nut mother, is as fresh, today, as it was in 1974.

The difference from what we see in real life is that Carrie isn’t just another weak freak we are used to seeing in high school. She’s got a secret weapon that has been held dormant for many years.

Carrie gradually discovers her extraordinary telekinetic powers that will eventually be turned against her tormentors as a wrecking and violent rampage of revenge.

With his usual style, King has a way of getting under our skins,  creating an entirely believable nightmare-world that beats with menace and terror before finally exploding.

Putting together selections from fictional news and studies along with a more traditional narrative, King reveals the real soul of a small New England town.


The supernatural metaphor is an outfit designed to disguise and expose the typical little horrors of small towns, high schools, and teenage sexuality, give the novel its full power of criticism toward modern society.


Carrie by Stephen King Book Author

Having written over fifty books, Stephen King is well-known worldwide for his many great bestsellers. He received the 2003 National Book Foundation Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters. He and his wife, novelist Tabitha King, live in Bangor, Maine. (read mini-bio)



Carrie by Stephen King Book Review

It took me about 30 years to read this book again. The first time I read the book, was just after I saw Brian DePalma’s movie version in the mid 70’s and it blew me away!

This story was written long before the internet and, even though the world’s pace and communications have changed drastically, human nature seems to be as cruel as before with all the cyber bullying we see on TV now and then.

Carrie’s world is a menace and everytime it gets better for a few hours, something horrible, usually conducted by someone, happens to, gradually, destroy her hopes for a slightly more normal.

We strive to see her life get on the right trail, but are well aware that it’s never going to happen.


Stephen King’s use of fictional news, scholarly articles, and interviews give nice breaks in the action and bring a sense of reality to the nightmarish literary storm.


The writer is a master of macabre and almost missed the opportunity to publish Carrie until his wife told him that it was good and that he should finish it


Stephen King has said that his early work is raw. Well… we like that kind of raw, don’t we?


Recommended for Adults, and Teenagers.


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