Possession by Rene Gutteridge

Possession by Rene Gutteridge is a book you can’t put down until discovering what’s going on. Check out this book review and enjoy it too.
Possession by Rene Gutteridge
The Book

After the investigation of the D.C. sniper case, police investigator Vance Graegan is burned out on love and life.

Wishing to save his family, he resigns the force and transfers his wife and son to the other side of the country.

But when the movers choose to hold his possessions for ransom, Vance decides to ensure that his family’s new beginning is not destroyed.

Shortly, though, losing his belongings becomes the least of his problems as all they are fighting for begins to unwind in the hands of Vance’s history.

Possession by Rene Gutteridge brings an extraordinary climax: a little boy’s innocent faith brings a group of despairing characters to their knees.


the Author

Rene Gutteridge is the author of seventeen novels, including Listen, the Storm series, and Never the Bride, the Boo series, and the Occupational Hazards series.

She also released My Life as a Doormat and The Ultimate Gift: The Novelization with Thomas Nelson.

Rene is also known for her Christian comedy sketches. She is screenwriting and mass communications expert from Oklahoma City University and, today, writes at home in Oklahoma City, where she lives with her family.


Book Review

Possession by Rene Gutteridge has a great plot! The author is a superb storyteller, and she captivated my attention from the very first page of this excellent suspense.

Her description of the characters and places is so realistic that it seems that you are living the story. During many page-turners I was holding my breath, such was the intensity level of the story.

Every character in this book would be a perfect psychoanalysis subject, as they are so complex and exciting!

The development of Possession by Rene Gutteridge keeps you on the edge of your chair until the last page.

A detective, Vance Graegan, that worked in the investigation of the D.C. sniper case sees his life going upside down, in part, because of lies that were accumulating during the years in his relationship with his wife, Lindy.

His partner, Erin, in the DC police in his earlier career saved his life, and his relationship with her was never completely resolved.

He left the streets and became a detective, and later, decided to move to California to open a deli, an old dream of Lindy, and, in part to give his marriage fresh start.

His son, Conner, is, in my opinion, the Main Character of the story, as it is through his pure and innocent eyes that we see the what’s happening. The faith that his parents will learn to rely on God’s power to help in the battle they cannot win by themselves.


The publishers were kind enough to send me a copy for an uncompromised book review through their blogger program.


Recommended for Adults and Teenagers.

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Possession by Rene Gutteridge: Pay Now - Or Lose Everything Book Cover Possession by Rene Gutteridge: Pay Now - Or Lose Everything
Rene Gutteridge
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Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.
January 1, 2011
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