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Guillermo Romano’s Nana is a story of self-growth. Check out this review about a novel that will take you on a journey of inner discovery!Nana: The Four Crystals by Guillermo Romano


the Book

Desperate for his sense of meaning, Serge finds himself in a time of economic downturn and overwhelming daily trials.

Overwhelmed with the struggles of life he finds himself trapped behind his questions, realizing that life changes in an instant. To him, the answers may lie with a mysterious woman he unexpectedly meets in the distant jungles of Belize.

This lady, her antique pendant, and most importantly her wisdom, will head Serge on a series of self-righteous events that could determine his future and the fate of the ones around himself.

Four crystals stand between him and discovering about his essence. The definition of life, past and future will drive him through an unbelievable quest to another culture, and another time. Serge is bound to step up to the challenges given and find out who this woman is, what the crystals mean, and most severely – who he is.

"Nana - The Four Crystals" Book Cover "Nana - The Four Crystals"
Guillermo Romano
contemporary quest-novel
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
October 20, 2010
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teenagers and up

the Author:

Guillermo Romano was born and raised in Mexico City. An architect and urban planner since the mid-1980's, he has an improvised character, open mind, and a brainstorming approach.

His practice spans the private and public field in the realms of design, construction, project management, public relations, writing and teaching. Guillermo lives in Redmond, WA.


This book is a truly magnificent novel that gets you involved from the start until the last page.

The writer has such a great sensibility in molding his characters into almost real people that we praise for them to succeed. His representation of the background is of such a high level of details that we feel like we are participating and living inside the story's plot.

The story revolves around a character named Serge. He just lost his beloved wife and, on his own, is raising his son Max.

Despite being an architect, he is struggling with financial difficulties, which lands him in a job as a "house manager".

He soon realises that there is much more to this job than he initially thought. As an authentic man of firm moral beliefs, Serge begins earning the confidence of his bosses with his constant, devoted commitment.

In a business trip to Belize, he meets this old woman called Nana. That encounter shakes his life into a search for the meaning of life. The quest takes him to an unbelievable journey, and you will not be able to put the book down until you complete reading the last page.


The was kind enough to send me a copy of his book for reviewing. Thank you very much, Mr. Romano, for this wonderful masterpiece.


If you like seriously researched biographies, this one is for you.


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