Her Perfect Revenge: A Laugh Out Loud…

Her Perfect Revenge: A Laugh Out Loud…

Her Perfect RevengeThis romantic comedy is a great novel about the coming of age of a nerdish high school girl who fires up the life of a wealthy heir. Read on!

The Book

If any of my friends asked me for a great book to spend reading during holidays, I would suggest this immediately.

The novel is sweet, funny and exciting at the same time. The plot has so many twists and turns that can’t avoid being reminded of an emotional rollercoaster ride.

Full of well developed and unforgettable characters, this book, is filled with scams that you catch yourself shaking your head with unbelieving laughter.


This comedic romance novel about a strong woman that doesn’t let a man get away with his misogyny is a pleasant surprise. However, you can fish the influence that marks Anna Mara’s unique style by analyzing her school background.

It feels like reading a hilarious and fast-paced movie.

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“If you pick up one of my books, what are you going to get?

A good story with strong characters, and lots of twists and turns. Promise!

I want to take you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions & make you FEEL everything my characters are feeling… whether you’re laughing-out-loud at one of my romantic comedies or feeling your heart pound with excitement at what’s going to happen next in one of my romantic thrillers.

I hope you decide to take that emotional rollercoaster ride with me… and have fun…”

The author

Anna Mara is also the writer of the romantic comedy, WHY ROMEO HATES JULIET and the romantic thriller, SIN & SAVAGE.

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Her Perfect Revenge: A Laugh Out Loud Romantic Comedy Book Cover Her Perfect Revenge: A Laugh Out Loud Romantic Comedy
Anna Mara
Fiction | Comedy | Intrigue | Romance Novel
Anna Mara
January 2, 2014
kindle, paperback
mature kid with, maybe, some parental guidance and up

The Story

At age fifteen, while in High School, Christina was a quiet nerdish girl.

The school rich bad boys played an awful joke that ended up with her being sent boarding school.

Sixteen years have passed, and she is now a beautiful woman with a nice job as  a photojournalist and a bitter taste for revenge that is about to trigger.

When she bumps into Bill Havenwood, one of her tormentors, all the hate and humiliation erupts back. She decides to get back at the handsome rich boy and teach him a lesson.

But when she rear ends his Ferrari, the tables get turned and Christina gets in deeper than she ever thought.


The Review

Some people may find that there is too much deceit going on.

However, if you think about what's going on on the movie scene nowadays - and she does have a film school background, after all - you will be able to understand,  relax and enjoy the book as it deserves.

We are living the Cohens-Tarantino-Rodrigues-Wachowskis times. As a screenwriter, Anna Mara has certainly been influenced by those artists and has brought exaggeration to the romantic comedy genre.

Being a screenwriter, myself, I can only applaud Anna Mara for the audacity of refreshing the genre with this new style of writing.

The plot and characters are very well developed.

Almost every character in the story is dug in deeply in some kind of foul play and, even though it may get a bit saturated here and there, the turmoil is fun.

One other thing that caught my attention is the contemporary influence of social networks and all their unnatural terms of endearment thrown around.

At over 400 pages, this debut novel was surprisingly easy to get through and the small flaws that one can find here and there do not get in the way of a much enjoyable reading.

This book got my attention immediately and is just one of those novels that you do not want to put down, craving for just another chapter.

The fast-paced writing style flows very smoothly and even with all the twists and rolling laughter that it brings to the reader.

A shocking, outrageous and deserving revenge, spiced up with a few sex sparks and tear drops, engages the reader into a ride that will certainly be a page turner.


We recommend the book for adults, teenagers, and very mature kids, with parental guidance.

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