Linda Windsor’s Healer, Book Review

Linda Windsor’s Healer, Book Review: A fabulous Christian historical novel that follows the journey of an outcast queen in early Scotland.

Linda Windsor's Healer

The Book

16th-century Scotland during the Arthurian period.

The queen’s dying prediction to the O’Byrnes convicted Brenna of Gowrys to twenty years of hiding.

She has been hunted her enemies and by her relatives, who assume her to lead them upon their oppressors.

Brenna is a skilled healer, not a warrior queen. So she lives alone in the forest until, one day, she saves a man that changes her life completely.

Can their affection overcome years of hostility and greed? Can it bring reconciliation and renewed hope to the fragmented realm?

Linda Windsor’s Healer, the Author

Linda Windsor is the author of twenty-nine modern and historical stories.

The first sixteen Linda Windsor books were secular historical romance novels for Zebra/Kensington Publishing, NY as Linda Windsor and Linda Covington.

In the late 1990’s, she changed to the inspirational demand, once she was convinced that Christian characters were not only flawed but did admittedly have hormones. Her late spouse used to tease that there was a little of Linda in each of her protagonists.

Windsor quarrels he must have been relating to her sense of humor, resourcefulness, and determination. NOT the person.

Her inspirational and historical plots have placed in the secular historical category of some RWA contests and Affaire De Coeur polls.

Those books and her romantic comedies, dashed with suspense, have won a some National Reader’s Choice Awards, Aspen Golds, Barclay Golds, and some other RWA competitions as well as the CBA Christy Award for the Irish Celtic RIONA, number 2 of the Fires of Gleannmara series.

The author lives in a “painfully” renovated (as in never do that again!) historical residence on the East Shore of MD.

Furthermore, she appreciates singing and playing music after a ten-year assignment in an 80’s professional group. Today Linda plays the organ in her church and regularly performs special music with the guitar at church and for several charities.

Windsor is currently engaged in a three book contract for a historical trilogy titled Brides of Alba. HEALER, book one, hit the shelves in June 2010.


Linda Windsor’s Healer Book Review:

This book is very well written; a beautiful tale that happens in the times of King Arthur.

In Scotland, a fight between family houses – O’Byrne x Gowrys – causes the dead queen, Joanna, of the Gowrys to make an augury against the other family that was attacking her.

This prophecy involves her daughter Brenna that has to live 20 years in hiding being hunted by both clans, her family wanting her to appear to fulfill the prophecy and the other family wanting to destroy her to avoid the divination to happen.

After finding a foreigner that has been severely injured, Brenna uses her abilities as a healer to heal the boy and ends up falling in love with him.

Later she finds that he is the heir of the O’Byrne family. Can their love be greater than the bitterness surrounding those families?

You have to read to find out!

Overall, this is a very easy-reading, clean book that took me about 12 hours to read.

The plot is very entertaining and full of Christian messages and biblical citations.

If you enjoy an excellent historical Christian fiction novel, this book is for you.

The author did a remarkable research to compose this book.

The B&B Media Group was kind enough to send me a copy for an uncompromised review through their blogger book review program.


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