The Sister Wife by Diane Noble

The Sister Wife by Diane Noble is a story of a woman facing a conflicting new condition: Having to accept polygamy ruled by a religious prophet’s revelation.


The Sister Wife by Diane NobleThe Book

What would happen if all of a sudden you husband told you he has to contract marriage with another woman? How would you feel if that woman happened to be your best friend?

Staged in the starting days of a new 19th-century religious sect recognized as the Saints, this, The Sister Wife, is a fascinating story.

Two women are forced to perform a practice they don’t comprehend, ruled by the prophet, Joseph Smith, to whom they are devoted to.

Plural marriage was an unforeseen manner to a community about to face great changes when Mary Rose and Gabriel got married.

Devastated by the bidding that was forcing Gabe to marry her best friend, Bronwyn, our heroine attempts to be faithful to her beliefs in marriage and her religious leader.

Nevertheless, is it possible for her to keep her marriage and to accept her best friend as her husband’s second wife? Can both friends confront the conflict between their religion and their moral principles?

The Sister Wife begins the saga called Brides of Gabriel,  a set of historical stories channeling the formation of a new era in the Mormon community when polygamy became a rule.

Awarded writer, Diane Noble,  travels the inner struggles of three women having to accept the same man as their husband.

Doubt and faith move the story forward in a tale of love and commitment.

Big Love and Carolyn Jessop Escape’s fans will highly appreciate The Sister Wife; the chronicle of a burgeoning family having to live under the statute of a controversial Mormon prophet deepening their lives into polygamy.


The Sister Wife by Diane NobleThe Author

A former RITA Award for Best Inspirational Fiction double finalist, Diane Noble is a prestigious writer with many indications, prizes and more than a quarter million books in print.

Raised in a small mountain village near Yosemite National Park, she Grew up among pines and waterfalls that helped her develop a vivid imagination.

Amanda MacLean was the pen name she used for her first novel was published in 1994.

She started using her name in 1998 with her most popular book, the historical fiction, THE VEIL., reprinted in 2009.

With over 24 printed titles, she never stops revealing new great stories. What will she bring us next?

A mother and grandmother, Diane lives in southern California, with her husband and their cats.


Our Review

This deep, touching story reveals a young woman, Mary Rose Ashley, traveling from Liverpool to America by boat, who meets a charming shipbuilder, Gabriel MacKay.

Love, at first sight, leads to a quick marriage on board and, as they reach America a new life in a Mormon community awaits her.

A prophet rules the religious sect. Joseph Smith preaches revelations that he, supposedly, receives directly from God.

From the words of God, the prophet establishes that polygamy is a new rule to be accepted and followed by heart.

Observe the word, the religious ruler commands that Gabriel must marry, Bronwyn,  bests friends to Mary Rose.

This turmoil dogma triggers a spiritual ambivalence, putting Mary in the most delicate position she has ever faced, shaking the foundation of her moral principles and establishing a conflicting with her faith.

If that were not enough, comes into to play the figure of a third runner for the position of Gabe’s prime wife.


With great style and sensibility, the writer describes the dark emotional battle of the story’s players which pulls us, into the realm of the book, to join in their struggles, joy, and uncertain future.

The book transmits a lot of historical information based on thorough research about the Mormon Church and the birth of its polygamy concepts.


Diane Noble is successful enough not to take part in whichever side is presented in the story’s conflicts so the readers can decide their own pieces of mind.

This work is a great novel that deserves to be present on any readers library.

It feels impossible not to follow the saga after you read the first book.

  • cultural relevance
  • entertainment
  • readability
  • Our personal rating

Written by Diane Noble and published by Harper Collins the book was kindly put available for an uncompromised review.



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  • 2016-06-17 at 3:03 pm

    Great Article and review of The Sister Wife By Diane Noble!

    It seems that I have so little time to spend reading a novel these days, I am so very happy to have found your review about this one.

    It seems that it would be an intriguing look at a very intense personal struggle to follow your heart, and follow your religion.

    Perhaps a very timely, interesting read that I will definitely put on my short list.

    Thank you so much for your insight!

    • 2016-06-21 at 6:17 pm

      Hello, Tom,

      Thank you for sharing you impressions and kind words.



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