Flight Plan by Lee Burns and Braxton Brady

Flight Plan by Lee Burns and Braxton Brady – building boys, making men – a book to help teenagers make the right choices as they grow up.!

Flight Plan by Lee Burns and Braxton Brady - building boys, making men


The Book

This work opens a life of greater possibilities, potentials, and passions; A path that awaits the growing young man.

Flight Plan is a resource and reference of instruction and encouragement for boys, their parents, and other adults who work teenagers.

This book was written with the purpose of offering young men a vision and definition of manhood before they get there.

Flight Plan by Lee Burns and Braxton Brady – building boys, making men – is a core for considering the trials of adolescence and tools and tactics for making healthy and appropriate decisions during that period.


The Author

Lee Burns served as principal of the Presbyterian Day School (PDS), an independent school serving over 630 boys in Memphis.

A Chattanooga, Tennessee, native, Burns got his degree from Dartmouth College and earned his master’s in educational administration at Harvard. The writer also attended the London School of Economics and worked at a law firm in New York City.

Before and after being appointed PDS headmaster in 2000, he has been serving in several managing and executive positions related to education.

Braxton Brady served as a chaplain at the same Presbyterian Day School (PDS). Born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, he is a graduate and master in education and theology working with children on several levels of education.



Flight Plan by Lee Burns and Braxton Brady is a very well-written book with general guidelines on how to pursue the life of a righteous man; how building boys, making men and helping with that process will guide to a fuller life.

The authors try to cover most of the common problems facing a teenager boy, the choices he must make to be “accepted” by his peers. Furthermore, they propose a given scenario to inquire about which would be the correct course of action for that particular situation.

Those conditions vary from peer demand to myths we should not believe, the search of a real friend, values we should develop, problems related to drinking, drugs, and pornography, and also sex.

In Flight Plan by Lee Burns and Braxton Brady, the authors discuss every situation and propose the proper course of action.

After every chapter, there is a set of “Questions for Reflection and Discussion” to help with building boys, making men.

In a total of eleven chapters,  it is impossible to avoid comparing this book with a real flight plan.

An excellent reading for a young boy, this work is also great for grown-up readers, because it is never too late to take control and change course. I surely would have appreciated it if this book had been available many years ago.

The publishers were kind enough to send me a copy for reviewing through their blogger book review program.



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